Tuesday, November 27, 2007

SEO Copywriting Gives Residual Traffic And Residual Income -Part 2

Residual traffic is a very powerful concept that is bound to change your life when you have fully grasped what it means for you and your online presence. For instance it means that SEO copywriting that you do only once is capable of bringing you traffic for many years to come. Actually no other online marketing tool can deliver residual or enduring traffic other than SEO and especially SEO copywriting.

Residual traffic almost certainly also means residual income, assuming that you have monetized your site in some way with a lucrative affiliate program or by selling some fast moving hot product.

And you really do not need to look very far to see evidence of residual traffic at work. Just take a closer look at any successful site and you will quickly notice a general trend where the more the pages on a site, the more traffic that site will tend to have. Maybe I should re-phrase that statement just a little; actually the more pages a site has that have been indexed by search engines, the higher the traffic they will tend to have.

Here you will note that SEO articles and pages created months or even years ago when the site was still new are still very useful when it comes to pulling in traffic from search engines. In some cases they will be the highest generators of traffic.

Another thing you may have noticed is the fact that the more back links a site has pointing to it, the more traffic they will tend to have. Naturally the most effective way of generating these valuable back links is by posting SEO articles outside your site, usually at other article directories.

In other words what a webmaster or the owner of a site has to do to build permanent long lasting traffic as well as long term traffic is SEO copywriting and nothing else. All they need to do is to generate a constant flow of SEO articles. It is really that simple (and this is a good time for that proverbial bulb to flash in your brain.)

It hardly matters whether you use a ghost writer for all your SEO copywriting or do it yourself. Or even use both options. What matters is that you should constantly be generating SEO articles.

Handled properly and consistently, you will not need to do this for a long time and what will happen is that you will wake up one morning and find that your residual traffic is high enough to give you the kind of residual income that will allow you to retire and while away the rest of your life on some slow lazy tropical island.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

SEO Web Marketing Articles: How To Use Bold And Italics In Your Text

Most SEO web marketing writers and site owners do not make enough use of bold and italics in their articles. One of the reasons for this is that some of them have no idea of what kind of SEO impact bold lettering or italics in the body of an article has.

The facts are that search engines place a lot of importance on Italics and bold within the text. It usually means an important reference and is very strong evidence of what the page is about which is one of the main objectives of search engines.

Before the Google search engine came along and revolutionized search, making it so much more efficient, a common practice with many web sites was to guess popular keywords and then stuff their sites with as many of them as possible without caring whether they had the content or not. The whole idea was to get very high traffic and then expose that traffic to their advertisements in the hope that they will catch a significant enough percentage to make money.

The result was that searching for anything online was a very frustrating affair. Google came in with their Page Rank link based system and suddenly you could find exactly what you were looking for in seconds instead of hours. The search engine algorithm considers many other factors. It is all top secret except people often take a close look at sites that rank highly and they notice things. One of the aspects on which a lot of importance is placed is on words and phrases within the main body of the content on a page that is either bold or italics.

This is something important for anybody involved in SEO web marketing articles to consider because it could get you plenty of targeted traffic from search engines for very little effort put in.

A word of caution is in order though. NEVER overuse bold and italics in your SEO articles or use it where it makes no sense. It is very important that you consider your readers first before search engines because at the end of the day, they will influence your SEO. One of the ways that they will do this is by either linking to your article or re-posting your article that they liked from article directories. There is no way they will be in a mood to do this if you piss them off with “SEO tricks” that confuse them and interfere with their enjoyment of your article.

Earlier I discussed the huge impact that regularly producing e-books will have on your SEO articles and traffic. Putting your e-book titles in italics all the time (instead of quotes) and ensuring that your e-book titles contain your important keywords is an excellent way of doing this. For example in my earlier series of articles I produced a small free e-book that grew into a best-selling title; Powerful SEO Article Writing Tips For Dummies And Non-writers. If you are interested you see a free sample at my see a free e-book sample of this important SEO articles book now.

Please take careful note of how I have used both italics and bold in this article for emphasis and at the same time search engine reasons without annoying my readers.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

SEO Articles And Web Marketing: Use The Power Of Focus Part 2

Focusing on a particular keyword phrase in all your SEO articles for web marketing purposes can easily turn out to be the key that opens the door for you to great success. Yet at first glance it may look extremely limiting to concentrate all your efforts on a single keyword. Nothing can be further from the truth.

How Focusing Your SEO Articles And Web Marketing On The Niche You Are Best Placed To Shine In, Can Make A Huge Difference
Let us take a very practical example to prove to ourselves that there is much more to a single keyword phrase than we may think.

Let’s take the keyword phrase for this article “SEO articles” which is my chosen niche by the way. When somebody enters those words in a search engine seeking information they will most probably be looking for info on how to write their own SEO articles to attract traffic to their site. In the article they will discover how important keyword research is, which is a huge topic on its’ own. Then there is the issue of Page Rank (PR) which to understand fully, one has to study the history of the Google search engine and how the wonderful new search engine based on a page rank system revolutionized the web making it much easier for anybody to quickly find what they were looking for.

And yet at this stage we have not even scratched the surface. We have not even started talking about how to write the SEO article itself for web marketing purposes, which by the way is another huge topic which will lead us to the option of using an inexpensive ghost writer. This leads in turn us to yet another issue of how to find a good ghost writer. Get my drift?

When a site takes this approach of tightly focusing on a single keyword phrase (as well as all related keyword phrases and synonyms, but all closely related to your single keyword phrase), what happens is that anybody doing a search and landing on your site will find it packed with valuable and extremely relevant information.

Although I must quickly add that my recommendation would be for you NOT to publish all the information on your site. Reserve some for your weekly ezine or email newsletter to harvest email addresses of the prospects who visit your site and ultimately to write a book on the subject. Generally the idea should be for you to find a way to maximize on the revenues from your site even as you provide lots of valuable free information packaged in SEO articles for the purposes of marketing yourself on the web.

But it all starts with the single keyword phrase that will keep you busy for a life time with SEO marketing articles.

You can get a free sample of my best-selling eBook Powerful SEO Article Writing Tips For Dummies And Non-writers at my web marketing blog. And you can also take a look at this SEO articles headline writing service.