Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Make Your Freelance Writer’s Work Even More Affordable By Using Safe Lists

You hired this affordable freelance writer and they’ve delivered your work. They’ve used some effective keywords and you are generally happy. What next? Or what more can you do to make their work even more affordable?

After the affordable freelance writer’s work has been posted to your site and at leading article directories, there is one more thing you can do, you can email out the best article or the best several articles via safe lists to millions of email boxes.

I was absolutely amazed at the response I received from emailing out a few articles. Traffic to the sites mentioned in the resource box shot up dramatically as did my revenue from that particular site. I quickly realized that the traffic generated from safe lists is very targeted and extremely click-happy. They click through to links and also at the Adsense ads posted at the site. What all this means is that your affordable freelance writer’s work can be used to gain you even more traffic and revenue and thus make the whole exercise even more affordable.

You will have to start off by joining dozens of related safelists. You can do this through yahoogroups for instance. Make sure that you remember to use an alternative email address because your inbox will soon be flooded with hundreds of messages every day and it can be quite a task sorting this out from your other email.

Do not be tempted to get involved in spam and make sure you do not spam any of the lists, read their terms and conditions carefully before you join and only join the ones that allow article submissions. Done properly and in an organized manner this one can be a very lucrative profit center for work generated by your affordable freelance writer.
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Freelance SEO Work Writer: Why Is It So Difficult To Find A Good One?

Many webmasters and bloggers are not only ignorant of the fact that it is so difficult to find a really good freelance SEO writer to work for you, but they are also unaware of the many of the reasons why.

a)Freelance SEO Writers Require Intensive Training And Work Experience
SEO writers usually require intensive training before they can freelance anywhere or every wok for themselves. These sort of training experiences are very rare and difficult to find. Things are made even more difficult by the rapid changes happening right now within leading search engines like Google. This requires somebody who appreciates the fact that one needs to constantly improve on their knowledge and update themselves to changes within search engine algorithms that could have a great effect on their work with clients.

b) The Work Of The Best Trained And Qualified Freelance SEO Writers Is In Very High Demand
Whether they’ve trained themselves through trial and error or have had the rare opportunity to be trained by a leading web enterprise, leading SEO writers are in very high demand and yet can hardly be found. In most cases they are already working for a leading web sites or several web sites.

The situation is made even worse by the fact that the work, in terms of number of articles one freelance SEO writer can do is very limited. This means that the number of clients one writer can serve is very limited.

c) Most Of The Best Freelance SEO Writers Use Their Skills To Work On Their Own Sites
It is a fact that the going rates for writers online are very low and many freelance seo writers do not like them one bit. With a rate of $5 per article, many SEO freelance writer will find it difficult, if not impossible to survive by providing online writing services. A better way to pay themselves is to start their own business and practice their very special skills on their own web sites.

What all this means is that your best bet as a webmaster is to get an up and coming SEO freelance writer to work for you. You can then grow with them.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Top Affiliate Marketing Techniques That Will Change Your Fortunes

Top affiliate marketing techniques that are responsible for routinely raking in six figure checks for the affiliate are naturally extremely valuable. These techniques are usually a closely guarded secret. And why not, many of them are developed over many years or trial and error and continuos testing and tracking of visitors and hits at a site.

Still it is widely known that the two leading marketing techniques used by many top affiliates are related to seo (search engine optimization) and the second involves PPC (pay-per-click ads) hosted by leading search engines.

Although the second technique involves the hefty investment of funds, done properly, it comfortably pays its' own way. This means that the cash invested usually yields a good return such that the top affiliate marketing practitioner can afford to re-invest in more PPC ads and in fact go for an increasingly bigger budget without having to dig into their pockets again.

However the really exciting thing about the seo marketing techniques used by top affiliates is the fact that they cost nothing and yet are equally effective if not more so.

Actually seo-related marketing techniques used by top affiliates are easier to copy or duplicate than you think. You really need just two important skills that are very easy to acquire and develop.

The two skills you require are being able to select the sort of keyword phrases that are capable of attracting huge traffic through the search engines and also knowing how to attract one way links pointing at your site.

At first glance these two skills may appear to be very complicated and difficult to learn to any new comer. The truth is that with the right tools and a little knowledge these are skills that are very easy to acquire and to quickly start using for your top affiliate site marketing, or even for your own products and services.

There is actually a very comprehensive yet brief special report that gives simple step by step instructions on how to exactly go about using simple seo techniques to build up huge traffic to any site within a very short time. It is difficult to believe that all this is possible to achieve for free, without spending a single dime, even where your writing skills are limited.

The truth will however shock you. Many top affiliate marketing experts raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, use exactly these same technique to achieve their super sales.

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Top Affiliate Paying Program Will Depend On Your Marketing

Every new affiliate is bound to be looking for the top paying affiliate program that they can join to make their fortune.

They usually fail to realize the important truth that the top paying affiliate program really varies from individual to individual because it is entirely based on the quantity of quality traffic that an affiliate can drive in the direction of their affiliate site.

In other words the top paying affiliate program for anybody will entirely depend on their marketing efforts.

This is why the best possible advice any new affiliate can get is to look for a good affiliate program based on a subject pr industry that they already understand very well. After that they will need to find an effective marketing strategy that will help them drive the highest quantity of the best quality targeted traffic they can possibly generate to their affiliate web site.

Of course it helps to join affiliate programs that have at the very minimum a two tier system. This means that you will be able to earn from sub-affiliates that you introduce to the top paying affiliate program. Or rather the affiliate program that your marketing startegy will turn into the top paying affiliate program for you.
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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Technical Writer For Your Site: Common Mistakes Webmasters Make When Looking For One

Many webmasters and site owners in seeking a technical writer for their sites end up with a liability rather than an asset. This is simply because of the following common mistakes they make quite often;

a) Assuming That No Non-Technical Writer Is Capable of Producing Good Content For Their Highly Technical Site
In their search for technical writers, who are specialists in their site's topic, many webmasters end up with an expert who can hardly write. They forget that many times technical subjects need to be written in simple language that can easily be understood by as many people as possible outside the particular area of expertise.

This is obviously a task best left to a non-technical writer.

There are actually very few subjects that a good writer cannot produce excellent and accurate content on. And besides, incase they get it wrong, you, the site owner are there to make the correction.

b) Assuming That Technical Writers Possess The Required Marketing Skills
Make no mistake about it, to be a successful online writer these days one needs plenty of vital marketing skills to apply to their content without which, it will not work. Many technical writers do not possess these required and vital marketing skills. For instance they will hardly understand the intricacies of SEO and the importance of using the best keywords for a site in all the content generated. Many do not even undersatnd the correct use of keywords in a keyword rich article.

The result is that the boring technically accurate content produced by the technical writer will hardly get read by anybody.

c) Listening Too Much To The Technical Writer
The final responsibility concerning the success or failure of your site or business rests with you. Blaming your advisors will not fly. Most web masters listen too much to what their so-called technical writers have to say about the way things should be done. Sadly they are then left alone holding the pieces when something goes wrong.

Listen to advice but make all the final decisions. At least hiring a non-technical writer for your technical writing will in most cases mean that they will be too occupied trying to understand the new topic so as to translate it into content and will hardly feel qualified enough to throw around plenty of theoretical and useless advice.

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Hire A Ghost Writer And Watch Your Profits Soar

It may not be the easiest thing in the world to do, but if you can manage to hire a ghost writer who is half effective, your online fortunes can be dramatically transformed for the better.

That is if you hire a ghost writer who understands seo (search engine optimization) and how to use the best keyword phrases for your site to pull in masses of targeted traffic from popular search engines.

One of the big advantages of you getting to hire a ghost writer who understands the topic covered by your site intimately is that you will be able to allocate a lot of your time to other traffic-generating-success tips and methods. When you have the ghost writer fully concentrating their efforts on generating content based on good keyword phrases then it frees you up tremendously to closely examine other techniques an strategic moves that will help your site take off in a hurry.

This is the obvious reason why web masters who have managed to hire a good ghost writer for their sites have almost always had a major change in their fortunes for the better.

Content being what keeps visitors at a site and what makes the whole web go round, it is not really that surprising that the single action of going out to hire a ghost writer can make such a big impact on the success of a site.

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Free Content Provider: Here's How To Get A Top Content Provider To Work For You, For Free

Finding a good content provider who will provide you with fresh original content for free is not only possible, but it is also easier to do than you think.

The secret lies in barter. What do you have of value that you can exchange with the content provider for a constant supply of fresh, well written content? There are a number of excellent content providers who will gladly supply you with all the free content you require in exchange for what you can easily give away in exchange for it.

For you to get a top notch free content provider you will need to appreciate the power of barter trading. When you barter services instead of paying hard cash, there are many advantages your business enjoys. The obvious one is that you retain valuable cash resources that you can then allocate elsewhere. Or which can go straight to your profits at the end of the day.

It also means that you will have an edge over many other competing sites who have not thought of bartering and are therefore bound to have an inferior content provider whom they are paying, when in contrast you are using a top notch one for free.

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Wanted: Ghost Writer To Make Webmaster Rich

It is a proven fact that a skilled ghost writer can make a webmaster client very rich, virtually overnight. There are several ways in which this is happening on the World Wide Web even as you read this article.

i) Wanted Ghost Writer Pulls In Tons Of Traffic
When the wanted ghost writer produces content based on keyword phrases that pulls in tons of traffic via search engines, a respectable amount of cash can end up in the webmaster's pockets. The higher the traffic any site receives, the more money they will tend to make for the entrepreneur. Some badly wanted but scarcely found freelance writers, are even able to use very high traffic keywords in certain high ranking article directories. The result is that part of the tremendously high traffic that views the article at the article directory end up at the client site via a well structured and attractive resource box at the bottom of the article.

ii) Ghost Writer Generates Content That Attracts Badly Wanted High Value Adsense Keywords And Plenty Of Clicks
Another badly wanted ghost writer is the type that understands Adsense well and are well able of originating the sort of content that attracts high-paying Google Adsense keywords. And even more important, are gifted to the extent that their content provokes so much clicking at the site, that the site owner is delighted beyond their wildest dreams.

iii) Wanted Ghost Writer Understand Affiliate Marketing
Then there are those ghost writers who deeply understand what exactly is wanted in lucrative affiliate programs. Do you know what kind of money is being made from some affiliate programs these days? More than enough to pay such a writer very well to keep on producing the magic that will keep the cash flowing in.

I can almost hear you asking yourself the question. Do these badly wanted ghost writers really exist, or is all this just hype?

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Freelance Writer Wanted: Is Your Cry For Help Being Answered Or Are You Destined To Throw Money Out Of The Window?

Freelance-writer-wanted ads are common on the World Wide Web these days. Let's face it, there is nowhere any site will go without good, skilled writing and plenty of content.

There are very few serious webmasters who have never been in a position where they have wanted to hire a good freelance writer. But then it is also true good ones are not that easy to find, more so at a price that you can afford. It seems that there are still too many freelance writers out there who still think web sites have the same fat budgets glossy magazines have. They will therefore want to charge an arm and a leg to transfer their ineffective offline writing skills to your traffic-starved site. The result is a disaster, especially when they come across one of those webmasters who believe that if they are asking for such a high price, then they must be very good at what they do.

Whether they know it or not, this is what a webmaster is usually looking for when they place a freelance-writer-wanted ad.

They will want a freelance writer who can produce results quickly for their site from the content they generate. Their asking price must also be reasonable with a very clear understanding that although they too deserve to make a decent living, web sites are not magazines and most of them are certainly not part of a big newspaper chain with deep pockets.

The wanted freelance writer must also have an understanding of SEO techniques and be able to use them in their work for the benefit of the client.

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SEO Content Writer: How To Find One

There are many people who still don't identify SEO with a content writer or content writing for that matter. To them SEO is some complicated technical thing that a content writer can not possibly be able to make head or tail of.

This kind of thinking is extremely expensive because it is currently costing many site owners millions of hits. The truth of the matter is that a very important and key part of SEO is the use of the best non-competitive keyword phrases for the particular site. One keyword phrase can produce millions of hits via leading search engines. Keyword phrases are used on the content and that is why it is so important for a content writer to understand the use of keywords, even if somebody else is researching them for him or her.

Hiring a content writer who understands and uses seo techniques can therefore gain you many million hits over a relatively short time. It will also save you the time and money in researching the best keywords for your site yourself, or hiring a different person to do it for you.

Finding a good SEO content writer is easier than you think. For starters carefully trace your steps backwards to how you found your seo content writer. If they used seo methods to advertise their services, then you will be pretty sure that they are experts and know exactly what they are doing.

How can you possibly believe in a seo content writer who does not use seo content writing techniques to advertise their own services?

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Ghost Writer Services: How To Guarantee That Your Investment Pays Back When You Hire These Services

Ghost writing services are quite affordable online. Unfortunately this does not guarantee that everybody who hires ghost writer services will end up happy at the end of the day. In fact many webmasters and blog owners usually end up bitterly disappointed at the end of the exercise.

To avoid this disappointment, there are a number of key things one should always look for when hiring ghost writer services.

Ghost Writer Services Must Be Based On Sound SEO Techniques

Just study a number of successful web sites and blogs and you will quickly find that behind the success of most will be sound SEO techniques in the generation of all content at their sites. Ghost writer services that ignore SEO (search engine optimization) techniques like the use of keyword phrases capable of attracting search engine traffic are already greatly handicapped. This by itself is such a great impediment that chances of success become very slim if any.

Ghost Writer Services Must Be Based On A Lively Writing Style

If your writing is not interesting, you will never make an impact online. Hiring ghost writer services from online writers whose writing style is visibly rigid and boring will quickly end up in regret and unfulfilled objectives for you. Even if good keyword phrases are used in all the content, traffic that ends up on your site will quickly reach for the "back" button and click their way out of your site or blog pronto. You will quickly find that any investment you have made in generating traffic like using Adwords, for instance, will not pay back or come anywhere near giving you a decent return on your investment.

Ghost Writer Services Must Incorporate Effective Traffic Generation Techniques
Good ghost writer services will constantly seek to incorporate effective traffic generation techniques. For example some articles will clearly be written with link-baiting objectives in mind. Generating links to a site is a very effective traffic generation strategy that will pay for years and years. Thus guarantying a massive return on every penny you will end up spending on ghost writer services.

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