Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cheap SEO article writers and $4 articles: What you didn’t know

Much has been written and said about cheap article writers and $4 articles. Most of it is negative. Like the stories about writers from India who are excellent in keyword phrase research and optimization but can hardly string together a sentence in comprehensible English.

However in the midst of all the horror stories there are website owners enjoying quality content at unbelievable rates. What most cynics forget is that market forces ALWAYS work and the web is the largest marketplace in the world. That is why I always laughed at efforts early on by writers to keep their rates online close to what they were getting paid my offline magazines. You cannot defy economics. Especially the rule of supply and demand and the way it affects pricing.

Yes, there are folks getting quality search engine optimized content at $4 or less. And from native speakers of the English language. Sometimes the hard work for a pittance is done by students trying to earn an extra income to see them through college. Other times it is done by veteran web writers who have done their sums and somehow found a way to make it work. Mostly by doing lots of content quickly without losing site of quality.

The result is that today there is no reason for you to use cheap recycled free content that will give you duplicate content problems or fail to make an impact with search engines that are always hungry for fresh new content.

Always remember that what is really important is that this content must be search engine optimized (SEO) content for it to work really well for your site. You see to this day nobody has come up with a better way of cheaply generating highly targeted traffic to a site indefinitely that works better than seo articles posted on your site and a few article directories.

You may have come across people who have had tons of articles written for them and posted at various article directories only for the whole expensive exercise to fail to have any impact on their web traffic. From my experience the main reason for this tends to be articles that have not been written with relevant keyword phrases. The trick is to always start with less competitive keyword phrases. Believe me less popular keyword phrases and their synonyms can do wonders generating valuable traffic for your website. I have seen it work magic for numerous clients.

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