Monday, October 15, 2007

SEO Article: Secret To Finding That Keyword That Opens The Traffic Floodgates

There is no denying what a single SEO article is capable of doing for you and your site. After all there are single articles on the World Wide Web that have been known to attract millions of hits.

The only snag (or so you think) is that you require some affordable SEO expert to come along and write such an article for you. This is just NOT true. Anybody can write a pretty effective SEO article. And you don’t even necessarily need to be a useful writer. Remember that there is such a thing as a list article which anybody who can write a simple shopping list should be able to write.

The first thing that needs to be done if you intend to write that seo article is for you to research some keyword phrases. This is probably the trickiest part of the whole operation. It is tricky because while endeavoring to find popular keyword phrases, most people end up selecting keyword phrases that have such a high competition that they are completely useless to them.

For example why insist on using the word “article” which had over 52,000 hits last month but which is so competitive that much better known and older sites in the industry than you are not even in the top 100 in search engine results for the word? Why not try “free article” which had just slightly over 6,000 hits last month? Or even better the keyword phrase “article and interview” which had only 1696 hits during a recent month.

If you’re new to this game of SEO articles I recommend that you chose the keyword phrase right at the bottom and then work your way upwards as you learn. That is exactly what I did myself and I’ve been amazed at how rapidly I’ve been able to climb up most keyword lists and today some of my SEO articles attract tens of thousands of hits.

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