Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Marketing Article Secret That Webmasters Don't Know About

A good well-written marketing article can get you plenty of precious targeted leads out of which you will end up with many paying customers.

However for your marketing article to be as effective as possible, you will need as many prospects as possible to see it and read it.

The little known marketing secret that you are about to discover in this article is how to get the highest possible audience to read your article. Posting the article at a high traffic articles directory is a good idea but it will never get you the high numbers you need to make your marketing article really effective. Popular article directories have tens of thousands of articles and yours will at best appear only very briefly on the high traffic home page. The result is that most articles will never ever reach anywhere near 1,000 hits. And only a tiny fraction of those 1,000 persons will end up visiting the site you will have advertised in your resource box.

There is really only one way to get thousands and possibly millions of people to read your marketing article. And that is to post it at your blog or site and then to ensure that you get as many links as possible pointing t it from as many high traffic sites as you possibly can.

That is only a part of the valuable secret. The other part is how to easily get as many links as possible pointing to your marketing article.

Getting numerous links pointing at your article is easier than you think. All you need to have is the right tool.

I am going to assume that you have already written the marketing article for which you would like a huge audience. Then the other thing you will require is to have a second blog or site, different from where you have posted your marketing article. The reason for this is so that you will be able to exchange links with other high traffic blogs without the links pointing at each others' blogs (reciprocal links). Instead you will be able to get the other blog (let us call it blog A) pointing 10 links on different pages towards your blog (let us call it B). You will then return the favor by organizing for 10 links to point at blog A from your other blog (Ley us call it blog "C"). Notice that I have suggested that you exchange more than one link at a time.

Go to this free links blog now and follow the simple instructions to start creating hundreds and ultimately thousands of links pointing at your site.