Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ghost Writer Service Secret That Brings Tons of Sales To A Website

If your ghost writer does not know this service secret, then it is highly unlikely that you will ever be able to see significant sales on your site from traffic generated by their articles.

It is really very simple. The articles your ghost writer writes must be able to offer valuable service to readers and prospects; otherwise you will quickly find that they are hardly generating any traffic or sales for your site.

Let me explain. Usually when most ghost writers are generating content, they tend to hold back as much information as possible in an effort to generate inquiries for more information. The idea here is NOT to give away too much information. And the situation is a lot worse if the site sells information products.

But let us for a minute imagine that we were prospects looking for information and landed on this site where there was a very attractive title promising to tell all but instead we find a half-baked article that tells us nothing. What would you do? Would you enquire at the site for more information?

I don’t think so. You would most probably hit the back button and go elsewhere to look for the information you seek.

However if you happened to find some really valuable information on a site, chances are that even if you did not make an enquiry right away, you would subscribe to a free newsletter offered on the site or at the very least bookmark the site in some way.

This explains the reason why sites with heavy traffic will almost always tend to be the ones with the best content and the highest volume of such content. I fact the minute you land on such a site the impression you will get is that of high value content in large quantities.

To succeed with article marketing your ghost writer must offer service and valuable information in their articles.

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