Thursday, December 08, 2005

Can 50 Well-Written Marketing Articles Make You $50,000 or 1000 Articles Make You $1,000,000?

You must be able to measure everything you do, more so where articles marketing is concerned. It is the only way to succeed in your online business and in any online marketing program. That is why I have made the effort and gradually, I have slowly learned how to enjoy testing everything I do online, especially every marketing activity I get involved in.

The joy for me is in doing something and looking forward to analyzing the results. Test after test that I have done using Article marketing has proved one obvious thing. That is, the more articles your churn out, the more leads you’ll generate and the more money you’ll make. That is assuming that all the articles are well written and with good headlines. Good headlines are very important because that is how somebody makes the decision to click on a link and read an article online. Reading online is all about clicking on a link rather than turning the pages as it is offline. What that means is that it is a lot easier for a poor headline article to get read in a newspaper (because readers will tend to scan through all the pages) than it is for the same article to get read online. Online, busy readers will only click on a few interesting links to get what they specifically want. They will only click on a headline that grabs them by the neck and violently pushes them to the click button.

This particular discovery got me very excited and got me doing some quick calculations. It meant that if one article distributed to 20 high traffic article directories and also posted to a few of my blogs, could bring in $500 in product sales then 50 articles would bring in $25,000 and 500 articles would bring in $250,000.

The only problem was that with the service I was selling at the time -- writing online articles for clients -- I was limited in the number of articles that I could do. Still I explored the possibilities of raising the rates and targeting fewer clients at higher fees.

However, looking at one of my clients who sold golf-related products on the net, it was easy for them to earn $50,000 from just 50 entertaining and well-written articles. This was based on my own estimates (they have no clue that I have an idea).

When it comes to these sort of volumes in articles, your ability as a writer becomes irrelevant because there is no way you can write such high volumes of articles on your own, you will be forced to hire other writers to do them for you. More on how to that risk-free, later.

My tests showed that virtually every moneymaking venture online produced more revenue when more articles were churned out to promote it. Things got even more interesting when I decided to find more high traffic directories to post the articles in.

More Adsense Cash

I quickly discovered the secret behind those Adsense affiliates who own 50 blogs. The math is really very simple. The more pages with Adsense ads displayed there are, the more clicks you are bound to end up achieving on your sites and the more Adsense cash you will make.

More Articles Will Produce Much More Affiliate Revenue

The same principal worked with the affiliate programs that I was involved in. Although I must hasten to add here that it makes a big difference when you create your own affiliate blog or site to help you refer traffic to your official affiliate site. This works out a lot better than referring traffic directly to the official affiliate site.

It is from the affiliate site or blog that you create to refer traffic to your program that you will be able discover another critical issue, the one I list next.

Quantity and quality of content will decide how long they stay at your site

Assuming that the quality of content on your site is good, the quantity of articles usually impacts directly on how long the average visitor spends at your site. I am not sure why this is so. It could be the fact that if there is plenty to see, people will tend to want to visit a certain minimum number of pages to get a proper feel of what your site is all about.

What all this means is that every webmaster or blog owner who wants to use articles for their marketing will have to find a cheap source of good original articles. One strategy is to use the articles available at article directories. But to be more effective even as far as your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is concerned, you will need to get original articles. So what you actually require is the cheapest reliable source of quality original content. You can always start with a few articles and then gradually finance an increasing number from the cash you earn as you go along.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

How To Hire An Online Writer Today

There are a number of problems a webmaster or blog owner faces when trying to hire online writers.

• Not being sure of the quality of writing that he’ll end up getting. Many times samples may look good but the final work ends up being very disappointing.
• Not sure how quickly his articles will get done. Many times there can be endless and very frustrating delays.
• Good online writers can prove to be very expensive.

Now there is an emerging group of innovative websites that are addressing these problems. Websites where you can post your writing assignment without putting any money down, get several excellent writers to write the articles for you and post them at the website. You then simply read the lot and decide on the set of articles you like best. You ignore the rest and just pay for what you liked.

And what’s more you set your price. What you are willing to pay for the articles you are looking for. Many excellent writers have signed up at the site to make use of their idle time, when they do not have any work from their regular clients. The result is that you are able to get some very talented online writers to do some work for you.

Sign up and post your writing job at the site now. Click on "Customer Tutorial" for quick tips on how to use the site.

How My Business Made $10,000 From My First Promotional Article

Shortly before I discovered the wonders of marketing online with well-written articles, I read a book written by well-known branding expert Al Ries and his daughter Laura Ries, titled 11 Immutable Laws of Internet Branding. Immutable law number 6 was “The law of Advertising”. It dealt at length with why conventional advertising does not quite work online and why we should expect to see a revolution with this revolutionary new medium and not just a replay of the past.

That book helped me a great deal to become immune to the massive quantity of very convincing hype selling banner ads online. It also helped me understand early on why traditional advertising was not working on the net (it has a lot to do with the World Wide Web being interactive.) Most of all it prepared me to quickly grasp the potential of articles as an online marketing tool.

Still when I wrote my first promotional article and posted it to only one high-traffic articles directory that had been highly recommended, it had some very important key online marketing elements missing.

Firstly it was not a keyword-rich article and secondly it did not direct traffic to any site. The resource box simply talked about my online business and the service I was offering and mentioned an email address where I could be reached. Later I had the good sense to introduce an email course on article marketing designed to trap email addresses. But that was later and another story for another day.

Until then I had found it very difficult to attract any traffic to any of the websites I owned. Basically folks needed to spend a small fortune on some advertising to attract a handful of not exactly-targeted-but-mostly-curious-traffic to their sites. So you can imagine the excitement I felt when I checked on the site a few days later and noted that the article had already received a double-digit number in terms of hits. And I knew that this was very highly-targeted traffic.

A few weeks later, the results started trickling in.

Admittedly I had still not made my first sale, but I was still receiving the odd inquiry or two. However a couple more weeks down the road, I had signed on my first regular client and a couple of other one-off jobs. Total revenue from that single article to date $10,000 and still counting.

This, to me, is pure magic and illustrates the power of article marketing rather effectively. Remember that it all started happening with one article. It means that if one were to just get a handful of articles written, use the right keywords, powerful headlines and aggressively use all your articles for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your site or sites, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

And one does not even need to be a writer to make use of what is bound to end up being the most powerful marketing tool ever used by man. Anybody can simply hire an online writer either directly or through some increasingly innovative sites where quality writers can bid for your writing work. And the rates are really dirt-cheap, especially when you consider the fact that your promotional article will last forever, working very hard to drive massive traffic in the direction of your website.

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