Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Free Blog Marketing Article: How To Create A Link-Baiting Post

You can use a free blog marketing article to help generate plenty of links pointed at your blog site. The trick here is to start out with this objective already clearly on your mind.

There are a number of ideas you can use with your free blog marketing article to generate links. Many blogers use controversy where they openly attack or oppose the views of the most popular blogger in their industry. Controversy always sells and apparently it is also a great way to generate link-baiting articles.

Probably the most effective way of link-baiting is to introduce some useful content that cannot be re-posted at another site for various reasons and where the only solution is to link to the post. For instance you could include an audio file after your free blog marketing article than emphasizes or illustrates what you talk about in your article. Or you could include a controversial photograph for which you own the copyright.

Another very effective way to create a link baiting free blog marketing article is to make lists. You could compile a top ten or top twenty of something and then send a polite email to all those mentioned asking them to link to the post, to help them impress visitors to their own site.

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